10 Simple Disc Golf Putting Tips To Help Lower Your Scores

You have just launched an awesome drive to start the game, and you perfectly place the disc within striking distance with your mid-range shot. All you have left to do is sink your putt.

And you shank it.

Does this seem oddly familiar? Whether you blame it on the wind or if it's just a mind game, putting can be one of the trickiest facets of disc golf. No worries. We got your back.

We have assimilated professional disc golf putting tips to help boost your short game.

1. Correct Your Form

In disc golf, there are five different putting forms you can utilize in different circumstances. Some of these are in-line putting, straddle putting, side-straddle putting, jump putting or kneeling putt.

Click here to learn more about these different techniques. If you're feeling really adventurous, click here to check out the really abnormal putting technique.

2. Balanced putt is a happy putt

Balance somewhat goes hand-in-hand with form, however we want to emphasize how vital it is to your success.

Although it is easier to stand with your feet parallel and perpendicular to the basket, pointing your lead foot at the basket will help improve your accuracy. Experiment with this stance and find what is most comfortable with this technique.

3. Pick Your Putting Grip

How you hold your putter may be affecting your game more than you think. Different throws require different grips, and putting is no different. Some desire the "fan grip", while others may rely on a standard sidearm grip.

Whatever grip you pick, stick with it. Learn about some different advanced disc golf grips here.

4. Avoid a Roller

One of the worst feelings is throwing a great shot near the hole, having it bounce right under the basket and watching your flimsy disc roll 50 feet down a hill, making you take a walk of shame.

How do you avoid this from happening? Know when to take a chance, and when to lay-up the disc next to the hole. Nothing is worse than having two solid shots erased because of taking a chance on a shot you should have played it safe. The next tip will help you with throwing the "lay-up" shot.

5. The High Release

Giving yourself a chance to make a shot, while simultaneously not risking a disaster, is why we suggest a high-release throw for putts.

The high-release allows the disc to be elevated enough to drop into the basket, while remaining flat enough that it won't scurry off down a pasture. If you are more curious about the philosophy of the high-release putt, take a gander at this extensive article over the topic.

6. "Paint the Pole"

Ken Climo, 11-time PDGA world champion, advises players to "paint the pole" before putting. What he means is that he extends his arm away from the body, and gets a feel of the motion of his putt. He figuratively paints up and down the pole with his disc.

This can be an excellent pre-shot routine to establish and utilize for every putt you take. If you are curious about more of Ken Climo's advice, click to read more here.

7. Follow through

Just like in any other sport, disc golf has a proper follow through, especially when it comes to putting. What you need to pay attention to is what direction your body is moving as you release your putt. You should be moving towards the basket, shifting your weight from back to forward, as you push the disc.

8. Account For Weather

Whether the weather is weatherable (see what I did there), it is always a good idea to be overly cautious even on a mild weather day. All it takes is a spontaneous gust of wind to sweep away a perfectly tossed putt.

The treacherous wind is the most common and frustrating weather obstacles disc golfers face, and so you need to become comfortable with various types of winds. The direction that wind is hitting you is directly related to how it will impact your shot. Ken Climo details more on that here.

9. Pick the Right Putter

Finding the "right" putter is all based on what you prefer. There are certain putters that will serve you better, like Dynamics disc judge or Gateway Wizard, but it comes down to what you like. Pick a putter that will perform well on its own, and then familiarize yourself with it.

Here are a list of some good putters if you need help finding one that fits you. Once you have the right disc, swing on by here to pick up a sweet disc golf bag to hold all of your new and improved discs.

10. Practice Often

Once you have mastered all of the first nine tips, the only thing left to do is practice. Repetition and consistency are imperative to your putting success.

When you practice, make sure you are throwing the disc the same way every time. Create a pre-shot routine that you can use before every putt you take.

Consider buying a portable disc golf basket, or drive up to your nearest course and practice on a practice basket (if possible).

Although putting is your short game, it will take you a long way. Putting can make the difference between a birdie or a bogey.

Any average Joe can walk up and sling a disc long distance, but the accuracy and focus required for putting separates the goods from the greats. If you can utilize these disc golf putting tips every time you hit the course, you'll be able laugh at your buddies as they go fetch their discs from the ditch, as your putter sits perfectly in the chains of the basket.