The Best Tennis Bags 2017 – Reviews and Comparisons

Best Tennis Bags

Admit it. Tennis bags are cool. When you first started playing, you knew who the coolest players were by their tennis bag. No bag…not cool. Small bag…not so cool. Bigger bag…cool. Brand name emblazoned across a bag…very cool. Of course by now, you know it’s not all about the bag. It’s also how much stuff fits in … Read more

The Best Shoes For Tennis – Like, Actually Playing Tennis…

Best Shoes for Tennis

Can anybody else remember the days when having specialized athletic shoes meant using your high-topped canvas sneakers for basketball and low-tops for tennis? Just us, huh? We’ve certainly come a long way in improving tennis equipment over the years. Sports engineering, physiology, and metrics are giving us new standards and targets every day. Shoes are a major … Read more