15 Best Disc Golf Trick Shots Ever! Good Luck Trying These At Home…

There is nothing quite like hearing the chains rattle from your disc sailing into the basket off an unexpected made disc golf shot. What ensues after these made shots? The person running around with their hands up, yelling to the world to let them know just how great they are! We can't blame you though. It's pretty awesome. And this is why we created a collection of some of the best disc golf shots and trick shots! Here are some of the best we have ever seen. Enjoy!

WARNING: These shots may be extremely difficult to execute. Attempt at your own convenience. We are not responsible for any injuries or embarrassment resulting from attempting these throws.

15. The Branch Breaker

Before this wild shot, the man who made it seemed like knew exactly how to throw it. However, judging by his reaction, we can tell that he did not dare think that he would actually sink the shot on the first try. He found his disc in a place where many of us are familiar with: buried branches with his forested surrounding blocking his path to the basket. However, his result was unlike what many of us experience.

14. Flippin Sweet

Putting can be boring sometimes. Why not make it a little more difficult? Like, perhaps you can flip while putting? Challenge accepted by this disc golfer, as he runs up a tree and flips backwards while throwing his disc into the basket. You may get a kick out of watching this video (pun intended).

13. Dude! That's my Car!

Not really, but if it was, not sure if I would let Brodie Smith throw a disc at it. Smith and his friend launch a disc apparently 150 yards (not sure about that one) into a basket set on top of a van! Yes, you read that correctly. (Be careful where you park your car)

12. The Ricochet

Hitting a tree always sucks when playing disc golf... or does it? Not for this gentleman. He hits not just one, but TWO trees, ricocheting it into the basket. Sometimes, it's just your day. And this four second video shows you what that can feel like.

11. Discetball

Discetball: A sport involving throwing discs into basketball hoops. And if this sport did really exist, Avery Jenkins has got it down already. Check out Jenkins sail a disc from long distance into a basketball hoop!

10. Bend it like Beckham

Okay Okay this is not David Beckham playing disc golf, but if he did play disc golf, he probably would make a shot like this. Although this shot does not maneuver through a lot of obstacles, it is still a hole-in-one. And it has a wicked bend on it too.

9. A Trip Over the Pond

When throwing over water, you always have at the back of your mind that you may have to go fishing. However, this guy knew exactly where to place it. With a nice scenic view of a woodsy course, this guy aces this hole!

8. Silent but Deadly

Nikko Locastro launches out a bullet-like drive over water 320 feet. As the disc soars quickly through the air, it surprisingly gently drops into the basket. If there wasn't a reaction from the crowd with the "macho man" celebration at the 30 second mark (yep), then you may not know that this one went in!

7. The Tomahawk

A tomahawk ace? Impressive. Two tomahawk aces? No way. YEP. This disc golfer speeds two tomahawk aces into the basket with authority!

6. Battle Royale Part 2

Do you want to see more trick shots from the pros? Avery Jenkins and Brodie Smith, along with their friend, bring you all types of trick shots. These are extremely difficult shots. Do not try this at home (or do).

5. Bounce Shot

Although the quality and angle of this one is not great, the shot is a once in a lifetime kind of shot. The disc lands on its' side, resulting in the disc bouncing up and sneaking over the edge of the basket. This could not be recreated probably even if you tried...or perhaps it could.

4. Battle Royale

It's awesome to have one crazy shot go in. But what about a 5-minute video featuring two of the best disc/frisbee players in the world knocking down trick shot after trick shot!? That's EPIC. This video features PDGA World Champion Avery Jenkins, and one of the most popular frisbee athletes in the world Brodie Smith. This will keep you captivated.

3. Best of the Best

This montage has a little bit of everything. Bounce off a tree? Check. Bounce off the ground? Check. Make a shot with a creepy mask on? Check. These guys get creative with their disc trick shots. They even use a skate park to ramp their discs into the basket. INTENSE! (May require a lot of free time to recreate)

2. Million Dollar Shot

What seemed like a really good tee shot turned into an insane hole-in-one! The disc veers off to the left of the hole, but would hit the ground perfectly and bounce up and in into the basket! You will not want to miss this shot (because he didn't)!

1. Did. That. Just. Happen.

Wait. Did he just... no way. Ya way. Philo Brathwaite sinks this 850 ft shot on his second throw. The video starts with a sweet video showing just how complex this hole is, and then displays Brathwaite perfect execution of it. Bending this shot around some trees, this disc goes shooting into the whole with a loud "clink!"

Are you a trick-shot specialist? Do you happen to have great luck when playing disc golf? Go out there and make some incredible shots and perhaps you too can make this list! These are some of the best disc golf shots and trick shots we have ever seen! Share this with your disc golfing friends, and put together your own trick shot and disc golf shot video!